A girl was enraged when she found in the garbage a drawing that she had given to her mother: “Now you’re going to have problems”

A girl was enraged when she found in the garbage a drawing that she had given to her mother: "Now you're going to have problems"

Videos featuring young children always triumph on social networks. Such was the case of a woman who shared the dramatic reaction her three-year-old daughter had when she found a picture she had given her in the trash. Within minutes the video went viral.

The clip was uploaded by Poole, a 35-year-old British woman, who inadvertently threw the bin the role in which your daughter had drawn a picture with all his Dear. Minutes later, the little girl found the place where her tender gift had ended.

Very angry about the situation, she looked for her mother and she stormed into the room to talk to her and claim the bad gesture he had with what she had given him. The woman who had heard her daughter’s screams immediately activated the camera and filmed the entire sequence.

“This is not OK”, the girl reproaches him upon entering the room. “Now you’re going to have problems”, he adds, while unrolling the paper on which his drawing was made.

A 3-year-old girl found in the garbage a drawing that she had given to her mother.

“I’m sorry, it was an accident,” the mother replies, but in the video the minor does not believe any of her words and he keeps telling her that it was not an “accident.”

Later, Poole referred to his daughter’s reaction. Tabby who he described as a “very intelligent and funny girl who loves to practice writing”, and justified his action in which he assured that he had no bad intention: I had no idea that this role meant so much to her! “

In addition, the woman said that her daughter “makes about 20 of those ‘drawings’ every day “, and although she remarked that she keeps many of them, some are just dots and squiggles, “as was the latter”, so in those cases, to preserve the order of the house, some of them are thrown in the trash. However, he never imagined that this would trigger such a reaction in his little girl. “And I never thought I’d find them!”

“I was sitting having coffee and I heard her screaming down the hall, so I thought ‘this will be fun’ and I took out my phone to record it”, said Poole about the moment that Tabby starred in, and although he remarked that “at first it seemed hilarious” then he acknowledged that as the girl got angrier “he felt guilty” which is why he stated that “it will not happen again.”

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