A Google update mistakenly leaks data on what its future Big Pixel 6 ‘smartphone’ could look like

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Una actualización de Google filtra por error datos sobre cómo podría ser su futuro 'smartphone' Big Pixel 6

The latest update to the Google Camera app has mistakenly leaked some data that could reveal certain features of the smartphones in its future Big Pixel 6 range, it reported on Thursday last week. 9to5google.

According to the portal specialized in technology, both the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro will come with cameras for selfies located in the center, although the Pro model will sacrifice more screen pixels to create said perforation.

The selfie camera for the Pixel 6 would be located 540 pixels from the left edge of the screen, while for the Pixel 6 Pro it would be located 722 pixels from the left. This would mean that they would have a screen resolution of 1080 and 1440 pixels, respectively.

Also, it is believed that the new range of ‘smartphones’ could have a front flash. It should be noted that it would be somewhat unusual, since, today, most smartphones depend on the brightness of the screen to achieve the same function.

‘9to5google’ notes that Pixel 6 mobile phones could have an increased maximum video zoom, from 7x to 60 frames per second (fps). The recording of video frontal 4k, which will only have the Pixel 6 Pro model.

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