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A group of seagulls invaded a Scottish hotel and stayed to live

The inhabitants of various towns of Scotland they are besieged by a plague of seagulls that little respects private spaces. It is that according to international portals, they are under the constant presence and with cities taken hostage by seagulls that break into any type of place.

Animals enter homes and roam the kitchens in search of food. In total impudence the birds are even breaking into homes and hotels on the shores of Scotland to steal food, as residents reveal that they live in fear of being attacked by seagulls.

Specifically, seagull infestations have intensified in the towns near the beaches and are being taken hostage by mobs of seagulls that make life hell for the locals and leave no room to invade.

The situation has become alarming and residents have made public their discomfort with a stream of messages and complaints through social networks. There are people who have argued mental health problems due to the barrage of attacks and increasing discomfort due to the unbearable squawking of the birds, while others are forced to flee in fear of the pests that bombard people.

“The noise is the worst. They need to be sacrificed ”, says one of the residents of the place through a publication on social networks. In the same sense, Gillian Durrant, de South Ayrshire, revealed in statements to The Sun Online: “I moved to a new construction. The seagulls are sitting on the roofs day and night screaming ”.

Continuing with his story, Gillian He said: “Every night since I moved here I have been woken up in the middle of the night. I would definitely agree to a massacre. ” But, added to this contribution, other residents of the place referred to the seagulls as “flying rats”, and many campaigned for an urgent sacrifice of the plague that stalks them.

“I’m sick of being woken up at 4 in the morning. I do not feed them, I do not leave them food or encourage them in any way, “other residents of the place related to the same publication.

Despite the discomfort, there are those who have taken this situation in the best way and have seen the funny side of it. As the owners of the hotel Royal Mackintosh en Dunbar, East Lothian, which is visited by several seagulls on a daily basis. The managers of the place even baptized one of her as Buddy and now they even periodically post Buddy’s adventures on Facebook noting that he is frequently “first in line” for breakfast and often sneaks into the bar, and has even been caught on camera sliding down the railing. .

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