A hawk, Ebru Şahin’s new co-worker in “Destan”

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Actress Ebru Sahin, internationally recognized for having played Reyyan Şadoğlu in “Hercai”, is succeeding in Turkey with the new television series in which she stars, called “Destan”, where she plays a historical heroine named Akkız.

After the success of “Hercai”, Ebru Sahin rose to international fame and became widely recognized in countries such as Spain and much of Latin America. Now, the 27-year-old actress is the star of the new epic series “Destan” that airs on the ATV network.

The “Epic”, Ebru Sahin plays a heroine who terrorizes her enemies with her sword in hand. A very different character from the naive and fragile Reyyan from “Hercai.” This big change has taken months of preparation for the actress, who is receiving praise from critics and her fans for her portrayal of Akkız. In addition, something that has attracted attention is that in this new project he has had to work with a hawk. A bit of a difficult task.

She is the star of the new epic series “Destan” that is broadcast on the ATV network. The actress plays Akkız, a warrior woman from a 9th century tribe. She is a brave mountain warrior living in the steppes of Central Asia.

“Destan” tells an epic story set in the 9th century, before the conversion of the Turks to Islam. This new series aspires to be one of the great successes of the season, which shows once again that Ebru Sahin knows how to choose his projects well.

The first two chapters of “Destan” have already been broadcast on the ATV network, achieving high ratings on Turkish television and leaving its competitors behind. Ebru Sahin has been very happy for the good acceptance that this new production is achieving.

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“Destan” took a very important step in the world of historical television series by putting a female character in the lead for the first time. Until now, many productions of this genre have been shot, but the heroes have always been men.

For this character, Ebru Sahin had to train several months in advance. First, the Turkish actress improved her horse riding skills as she was previously a lover of horse riding. She masters this discipline very well, so she felt comfortable.

Additionally, Ebru Sahin learned to shoot arrows, fight, and use swords. The Turkish performer received combat training to take her role as Akkız to the fullest. And after the show’s premiere, viewers are raving about the actress.

According to the Turkish portal, Televizyon Gazetesi, Ebru Sahin went through some difficulties when recording the series since he had to work with a hawk, an animal that appears in the scenes with Akkiz.

Through his Instagram account, Ebru Şahin shared his moments of fear with the hawk who had to work during the recordings of “Destan”.

In the first picture, the Turkish actress can be seen on the set next to the falcon. While in the second shot, she is somewhat nervous while holding the bird in her left arm.

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