A historic heat wave hits Canada and the United States with temperatures of 50 degrees

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While in Argentina the cold hits with force throughout the country, the boreal summer suffocates vast regions of western Canada and the United States with temperatures that in some areas reached almost 50 degrees, marks that have not been registered for more than 80 years, according to the US Meteorological Service (NWS).

This unusual heat wave caused dozens of sudden deaths in both countries. Only in the area of Vancouver, in Canada, there were 134 deaths since Friday, according to official sources.

In addition, a sharp increase in hospitalizations and multiple forest fires. Currently there 36 active lights on the Pacific coast of the United States.

President Joe Biden it warned that extreme heat, combined with a prolonged drought, “amplifies the risk of fires.” The heat is also “a risk in itself,” the president warned on the sidelines of a meeting with Democratic and Republican governors.

And he added: “People are suffering, the children cannot play outside, the roads are cracking ”.

The northwestern United States, where temperate temperatures are recorded at this time of year, reported high records in recent days, with a maximum of 46.1 degrees Monday in the city of Portland, Oregon, a Trademark not registered since 1940.

The heat wave moved this week to the interior of the country.

What’s happening in canada

The situation on the other side of the border is no better. The historic heat wave that hits Canada breaks records every day.

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According to the local meteorological service, this situation will last until next weekend.

The heat wave extends throughout the western area. The town of Lytton, about 250 km northeast of Vancouver, set a new all-time high temperature record in the country on Tuesday of 49.6 degrees.

The high temperatures caused a health emergency. At least 134 people died suddenly from Friday in the Vancouver area, on the Pacific coast.

“We believe the heat has contributed to most of the deaths,” federal police said. Most of the victims are older people.

In the Vancouver area, schools were closed and vaccination campaigns against the coronavirus were suspended. Meanwhile, the air conditioners and fans are exhausted.

“The duration of this heat wave is worrying because there is little respite at night,” said the Canadian Environment Ministry.

These temperatures are explained because the high pressures trap the hot air in the region. Its intensity, however, is exceptional.

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