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A lawyer hires a hitman so that his son receives 10 million dollars for his life insurance policy

Alex Murdaugh, a prominent lawyer from the state of South Carolina (USA), can receive up to 20 years in prison after surrendering to the authorities on Thursday and admitting to having hired a hitman to kill him and that his son could receive $ 10 million for your life insurance policy, informs AP.

The lawyer decided to orchestrate his murder after his wife and another adult son were shot dead in June. Thus, on September 4, the man survived the planned attack and even called emergency teams, reporting having received a wound “superficial“in the head, while changing a flat tire on the car.

For his part, Murdaugh’s lawyer, Richard Harpootlian, explained that his client was trying to stop take opioids, used to get over the death of loved ones, need NBC News. Believing his life insurance included a suicide clause, Murdaugh hired a man to murder him during a false breakdown of his vehicle.

Meanwhile, the police managed to arrest the alleged hitman on Tuesday, identified as Curtis Edward Smith. According to reports, Murdaugh was Smith’s lawyer in a speeding case in 2013 and also gave the hit man a gun to carry out the murder.

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