A leak reveals the arrival of Naruto to Fortnite

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It is not the first time there is talk about the arrival of Naruto to Fortnite. But it could be the last time we hear rumors about it. The fact is that a new leak suggests that we could be very cI wanted to see how this crossover becomes a reality.

Especially considering that the leak has arrived via the game’s v18.30 update files. In other words, dataminers have discovered 2 new identification tags (ID), creative coins and included a weapon mythical kunai explosive, all this related to Naruto.

As they point out from DualShockers, the discovery has been made, among others, by HYPEX, a very reliable filter in the Fortnite community. Going into more detail, the identification tags in question are “Headband K” and “Headband S”, which could be for Kakashi and Sasuke according to HYPEX. In fact, he is so sure that today’s new leaks are for Naruto that he says that the Naruto collaboration IS happening. “.

How can you be so sure? The answer is simple: the two new creative currencies to the game are Ramen and Ninja Scroll. And the truth is that, seeing the panorama, HYPEX is not the only one who believes that there is no way that they do not have to do with Naruto. And, therefore, with a collaboration that could be already close.

In addition, there are also reports that They ensure that Naruto will become a boss that appears on the Fortnite map with their new Mythic Kunais. Details on this new mythical weapon can be found in the tweet above.

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Finally, the million dollar question: when will this crossover come to the Epic Games game? The truth is that it is hard to say, even if the information turns out to be true. Normally, when these files are introduced into the game, it means that the launch is not very far, but it is not something mathematical. In any event, previous reports said the collaboration would come in sometime in Season 8 of Chapter 2. We will be attentive to tell you any news about it.

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