A-List of the Most Popular College-Set TV Shows

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There are different ways students use to learn. They learn knowledge in the classroom and through books. When learning the issues of life, there are many other avenues. They can learn from other students, social media, and TV. 

TV shows teach students about relationships, life, work, and independence. It is often not easy to choose a college because several colleges may all look good. College TV shows like Gilmore Girls provide ideas for choosing a college. Here are the most popular college set TV shows. 


Felicity was created by Matt Reeves and J.J. Abrams. The show focuses on the life of Felicity as she struggles to settle in her new college. She chose the University of New York because her high school secret boyfriend Ben joined the same university. Felicity struggles to win Ben and focus on education. The main lessons learned from this show is issues about students’ life and love. 

When a student joins college, they get unlimited freedom. They get the freedom to choose the kind of life they want without their parents watching them. Choices have consequences which are why a student should be careful about what they choose. Many college-set TV shows contain important lessons. Sometimes a TV show can take more time for assignment writing. Professional custom assignment writing help AssignmentBro is very helpful. It lets students enjoy free time and focus on studies better as professional writers do the academic papers for them. The assignment writing service has expert writers who provide academic writing services on any type of topic. 

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The coach show focuses on a Minnesota State University football coach Hayden Fox. Although Fox is enjoying his work, he has a pricking issue to deal with. He had divorced his wife about sixteen years back. Fortunately, or unfortunately, his daughter joins the same university. They haven’t met for sixteen years. He now has to deal with conflicting coaching challenges and renew relationships with his daughter. 



In the TV show Undeclared, a group of freshman students is studying in a fictional university. They have to deal with many freshmen challenges. Like many young men and women, their main challenge is love and relationships. 

They appear to be in a race to win friends. This is an issue that causes conflicts, disappointments, and sometimes heated anger. The show was a top hit between 2001 to 2002. During that time, it earned position 16 in the best cult TV shows. It is still a trending show among students to date. 


Grown-Ish is set at California University. It focuses on a student named Zoey. He joined college a few years ago as a freshman. Now, it is time for him to leave being a grown person. The show focuses on the multiple issues students deal with when they join. They have to adjust to the new college life and learn to manage time. 

Throughout their university life, there are a diversity of things they have to decide. They have to decide about alcohol, drugs, racism, sex, and education. By the time they leave university, life has taught them so much. They are now grown-ups ready to deal with life after college. 

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A Different World

A Different World is about Denise Huxtable, who joins a fictional university known as Hillman College. She has a group of friends whom she met in college. According to history, Hillman college is a Black college. 

Now that those days are over, the college located in Virginia is undergoing a big transition. The biggest challenges in this institution are riots, racism, and AIDS. The show inspired one investor, and she decided to name her company Hillman Grad Productions. 

How To Get Away with Murder

How To Get Away with Murder is an ABC Emmy-winning drama. Despite this, some critics say it has a lot of death scenes. Nevertheless, these are realities that could happen in any university. 

The show is about some students studying law at the university. Their professor is also a criminal defense lawyer. Both the professor and his students get drawn into a real murder issue. The scene is set in Philadelphia, PA, although the filming was done ins Los Angeles, CA. 


College-set TV shows have a lot of advantages for students. They provide entertainment to them after a busy day in the classroom. The shows are educative about the realities of life. Most of the shows focus on issues of racism in college, love, money, and adjustments. They help students learn about dealing with drugs, alcohol, sex, and conflicts. Some shows like A Different World teach students about dealing with students of different colors. 

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