“A Luxe Surprise for the Fat and Skinny Duo Post Raúl De Molina’s Absence!”

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El gordo y la flaca: A TV Show with Diversity

Throughout its television history, El gordo y la flaca has opted for variety and change. The show has become widely known and popular for its dynamic presentation style and fun-filled showcases. Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina are the show’s main presenters, but they have not hesitated to add different faces from the network. This strategy has helped the show experience success, allowing it to open its range of proposals, situations, and experiences for the viewer.

This week, Danilo Carrera and Karina Banda took on the presenting role, and their performances were highly entertaining. Similarly, Raúl, Lili, and Clarissa Molina were absent from the screens during the week’s premiere. However, El gordo y la flaca surprised its audience with a very special guest presenter on Wednesday, who quickly stole hearts with her charisma.

Chiquinquirá Delgado dazzled everyone with her triumphant entrance to the set. The show’s regular host had been away from the small screen, working on a personal project for some time. Nonetheless, she immediately elicited applause and compliments from the audience for her warmth, beauty, and spontaneity.

The show further gained a significant boost in ratings when Dayanara Torres graced the set. After celebrating her 30th anniversary as Miss Universe, the Univison show featured the businesswoman, who donned a spectacular Charleston-style dress. The last year in Chiqui’s life has been dedicated to a great professional adventure called The Location 11, with which she advises and helps her clients find the house of their dreams and transform it into the perfect place.

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El gordo y la flaca has become a formidable force in television by adopting and projecting an inclusive atmosphere. Featuring diversity in its presenters and content ensures that the show entertains a broad audience. The show’s dynamic presentation style combined with its emphasis on variety, continues to captivate viewers, ensuring it remains relevant as it approaches its 25th anniversary on air.

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