A man accused of the fatal run over of his wife after preventing her from driving drunk sues the police officer who indicted him for defamation

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A man from Alabama (USA) who was indicted for the fatal run over of his wife after preventing her from driving drunk and telling her to walk home demanded for defamation of the police officer who accused him.

Jason Todd, 42, was charged with manslaughter in the death of his wife Tonya Anderson, who was struck by a vehicle on a highway in the town of Clanton in August 2018. According to the police report, Anderson was trying to recover her keys, which her husband had thrown across the road, when was hit by the car. However, a court dismissed the accusation last year for lack of evidence.

According to the media, the keys were later found near the Friends Steakhouse bar, from where Anderson, 35, had wanted to drive home, but his partner prevented him due to his drunken state.

Now Todd has filed a lawsuit against Clanton Police Department officer David Hicks, claiming he was “ambushed” during questioning by investigators, who lied to him about the existence of evidence to support his guilt.

According to the plaintiff’s account, on the night of the events he entered the bar, where his band was playing, while his wife stayed outside in the parking lot demanding to drive home and threatened to walk away when her husband stopped her. “Okay, walk home,” Todd told him, thinking he wouldn’t.

However, the woman began to walk and was fatally run over shortly thereafter.

According to the lawsuit, the images from the security cameras of the establishment’s parking lot show the couple searching for something inside their car, but at no time is Todd seen throwing the keys.

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The complainant’s attorney, Richard Jaffe, told AL.com that during police questioning his client “was continually berated and yelled at by two different officers or detectives who were questioning him, trying to get him to confess something he hadn’t done “while showing him photos of his wife’s mangled body.

Now, Hicks has been charged with lacking “probable cause” by indicting Todd and faces charges of malicious prosecution, according to court records cited by the media. The trial against the officer is scheduled to begin on February 27, 2023.

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