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A man discovered a message hidden in a bottle for 47 years and found one of its authors

The story of a particular find stunned the occupants of a house who found hidden in a wall a special message, 47 years ago, which was protected from the passage of time and hidden inside a bottle.

The surprising discovery featured an Australian man who found a bottle of milk behind a wall during some remodeling work on his home. Upon noticing this particular presence, he verified that it contained a written note and signed by four men 47 years ago.

The unique writing is dated April 5, 1974 and contains details that give an idea of ​​how things were at that time. But, in addition, the Australian has been able to locate one of them.

Who is the author of the message?

According to the international media, the letter found on the wall was written by Matt Streatfeild, a native of the city of Newcastle and it contains meticulous details that give you an idea of ​​how it was lived almost 50 years ago.

At first, the note gives a specific detail of the moment they were passing through and refers to the modification of the system of imperial measurements, which the Australian colonies had inherited from United Kingdom, al International System of Units. In this way, the note on the bottle reads: “We are starting a metric conversion.”

It is worth mentioning that the message, which was written by four men who built the house, reads that they were waiting for the weekly salary of 106 Australian dollars from Newcastle Interior Linings, a construction company that still exists and that had been in charge of the construction of the house.

But the most incredible thing about this story is that the man who found the note was able to locate one of the authors of the letter stored in the bottle. Is about Ron Niddrie, thanks to the workers putting their names and dates of birth on it. “One of these little memories has paid off. The fact that it was 47 years ago was even more shocking, “said the man, who is 66 years old today in statements to the local channel. 9News.

In addition, it transpired that Streatfeild He plans to return the bottle with the note and a souvenir of his own to the place where he found it, trying to keep the mystique of the moment in the place that kept it for five decades. “We will add ours […] with a small description of how life has been in recent years, “he said.

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