A man in India sells his two-year-old son to buy drugs

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A man in India was arrested for allegedly sell his two-and-a-half-year-old son for 40,000 rupees (about $ 539) to buy drugs, informs Times of India.

Prior to the incident in the village of Laharighat in Morigaon, Rukmina Begum and her son were living in their father’s residence for the past few months after a fight with her husband Aminul Islam due to their alleged involvement in drug trafficking. . The defendant came to the house and asked to hand over the boy because he wanted to apply for his Aadhaar card, the identity number for all residents of India.

But nevertheless, the man did not return the child after two or three days, which raised the suspicions of the mother, who later discovered that her son had been sold and went to the police to retrieve him.

“Based on the complaint filed on Thursday, the police rescued the child from the residence of Sazida Begum and handed him over to the mother,” says the authorities’ report quoted by the media.

In addition to consuming and selling drugs, the defendant was allegedly involved in other illegal activities, including running a prostitution ring.

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