A man navigated Google Maps and discovered an isolated tribe with no contact with the outside world

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The arrival of the Internet brought with it many advances and with it new possibilities at hand. So much so that those technological adventurers found unusual aspects through online navigation. This is the case of a man who published an unusual finding on his account Twitter.

By chance, a man encountered a tribe isolated from the world while sailing in Google Maps. It was through Twitter where he publicly disclosed the unexpected situation he encountered when using this digital tool. It would be a tribe that lives completely isolated from civilization by choice.

While is true that Google It has many services that help facilitate daily life, without a doubt this user did not imagine being the protagonist of a find of this magnitude. The truth is Google Maps It is one of the most used options since it allows you to quickly locate addresses from all latitudes.

Is that this function of Google it has acquired an unthinkable dimension. There have even been cases in which some Internet users have found infidels, lost objects and the most unusual situations. For this reason, this finding adds to the list but nothing more nor less with a group of people who live isolated in the Bay of Bengal.

How it happened?

The news was announced through the Twitter account of this person who while browsing Google Maps discovered a distant tribe on an island about 60 kilometers in area and five miles wide. This unexpected place was about North Sentinel, of the archipelago of Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal.

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The man who found this lost tribe calls himself Don Wonka through Twitter and said that what caught his attention was a small abandoned ship, which was presumably the ship MV Primrose (a boat that disappeared in 1981 with passengers on board).

But the unexpected situation did not end there, and he discovered that he had found an indigenous tribe, with inhabitants living in voluntary isolation and that they resist contact with strangers.

In this sense, international media consulted with specialists who have argued that the sentineleses “They could have been on the island for several thousand years” living from hunting and fishing. In addition, some reports indicate that so far only the anthropologist Trilokinath Pandit He was the only one to arrive on the island in the early 1970s and he was able to have direct – minimal – contact with them.

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