A Man Shot Dead both his son and daughter in America and then committed suicide

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A mother found the lifeless bodies of her son, daughter, and father after her ex-husband killed them and then killed them Tuesday night, Miami-Dade County police said. According to the police, the man picked up the children. When the boys’ mother couldn’t locate him, she headed to Miami Lakes, and then, upon arriving there, found both bodies in a nearby canal, police said.

So far the authorities have not released either the way in which they died, as well as any names. The tragedy took place shortly before 9:30 p.m. in the 6400 block of Miami Lakes Drive. Police surrounded with yellow tape indicating the site of a crime, the parking lot of a nearby Publix supermarket, and a shopping area much of the night. A man killed his two children and then killed himself Tuesday night, Miami Lakes police said.

The father’s wife and ex-wife, who had previously picked up the children from school, had been trying unsuccessfully to contact the man because it was getting late for the children until she found the lifeless bodies near a canal.

County Police Chief Alfredo Ramirez offered his condolences to the families of the victims of these “callous” killings. The troops are still investigating the facts this morning and the accesses to the vicinity of the scene of the events are still closed to the public.

According to local media, some neighbors heard the mother screaming and asking for help after finding the lifeless bodies.

Magda Peña told nbc6 that when she shot out into the street she found the mother trying to revive her children with chest compressions and that she herself began to do the same to the 9-year-old, although without success.

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“I ran out of the house, I ran there because I only heard the screams, the screams were really horrible, the screams were horrible,” Peña said.

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