A man travels from Guatemala to Miami hidden in the landing gear of an airplane (VIDEO)

Un hombre viaja de Guatemala a Miami oculto en el tren de aterrizaje de un avión (VIDEO)

A man traveled hidden this Saturday in the landing gear of an American Airlines plane that covered the route between Guatemala and Miami (USA).

After two and a half hours of flight, the man landed unharmed and was discovered by airport employees on the runway, as seen in a video recorded by a maintenance worker that was posted on Instagram by the local news site. from Miami Only in Dade.

After sitting on the track to regain strength, the individual was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

According local media, American Airlines announced in a statement that the company’s flight 1182 “was received by the police due to a security problem” and that they are working with law enforcement agencies in their investigation.

The Northern Triangle region of Central America (Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador) has been in recent years an important source of migration on the border between the United States and Mexico, as migrants flee from corruption, poverty and violence generalized.

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