A man who went 23 years without paying his mortgage evicted from a house in the US

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A man from Long Island (New York, USA) who for more than 20 years lived in a house without paying the mortgage has finally been evicted, after the owner company won the lawsuit against him.

Guramrit Hanspal, 52, bought a three-bedroom house in 1998 in East Meadow, for $ 290,000, but only made a mortgage payment of $ 1,602.37. Since the Washington Mutual firm repossessed the property in 2000, three different owners have tried to evict it.

Throughout the years, Hanspal filed four lawsuits and seven bankruptcies, which automatically paused any expulsion attempt. His latest legal move to stay at home was to take advantage of government eviction protections introduced by the Covid-19 pandemic to help people experiencing financial difficulties.

However, in September, Judge William Hohauser considered that the debtor could not use these measures in his defense, because he illegally occupies the house.

Finally, last Friday, several Nassau County agents, along with a locksmith and movers, they came to the house to change the locks and remove the belongings from the home, which will remain in a storage warehouse for 30 days, paid for by Diamond Ridge Partners, the company that currently owns the home.

Diamond Ridge owner Jason Epstein reported that the New York court system, “is a tragedy of mistakes that has allowed a negligent to take advantage of hardworking taxpayers for 23 years. “

The company plans to renovate and repair the house, probably to sell it later.

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