A massive Internet failure in Argentina affected millions of users and generated problems on platforms such as Netflix, Twitter and Amazon

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Internet service suffered a sharp drop throughout Argentina during this Saturday afternoon, affecting a huge number of websites and platforms such as Netflix, Twitter y Amazon.

Apparently the inconvenience was due to failures in connectivity provided by international providers to companies and suppliers throughout the country. Although around 19:00 the problem was not completely solved, the service was reestablishing itself and it works better.

At first, users detected a drop in websites, and later this also included social networks such as Twitter, that did not directly load their contents. After this several apps like Netflix, Twitch, Zoom, Spotify, Steam y Discord and instant messaging services such as Telegram were added to the list of affected by the interruption of the service. A situation that however did not go through WhatsApp.

For their part, Internet providers in the country left immediately to give explanations. From Movistar reported that the problems began at 2:50 p.m. on Saturday, August 7, throughout the national territory. While since Fibertel stated: “This is a massive failure and work is being done to restore connectivity as soon as possible ”.

In this sense, the DownDetector website, which registers failures in the connection system around the world, registered a peak of incidents in almost every services:

As soon as the users detected the flaw they began to complain on social networks, targeting the providers (ISP). Although they later realized that it was a scope problem international in respect of how to enter connectivity in Argentina.

This massive interruption of Internet service in the country adds to the one that occurred in the past July 22 when thousands of websites fell in all the world. On that occasion it was a problem due to a failure of Akamai, one of the largest page redirection services on the virtual network.

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Apparently, the company experienced problems with its DNS servers, what affected almost 30 thousand Internet portals around the planet, from Argentine media to large online sales platforms, banks, video games, mobile applications and other devices connected to the virtual network.

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