A Mexican deputy from Morena causes controversy with his ‘proposals’ to “invade Spain” and “make López Obrador a monarch”

Un diputado mexicano de Morena causa polémica con sus 'propuestas' de "invadir España" y "hacer monarca" a López Obrador

The Mexican deputy of the ruling Morena party, Rubén Ríos Uribe, made a series of controversial publications on his networks where he proposed to “invade Spain” and make the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a “monarch”.

The local deputy of the Veracruz Congress wrote on his Facebook account that “for freedom and democracy” the European country had to be invaded “and the Republic brought to them.” “It cannot be that they continue to have a king in the 21st century“he added.

Ríos Uribe shared this phrase two days after the commemoration of the 500 years after the fall of Tenochtitlan, occurred on August 13, 1521, when the troops of the conqueror Hernán Cortés entered the current Mexican capital, which meant the end of the Aztec empire and the passage to the colonial era or viceroyalty, which lasted for 300 years.

López Obrador, during an act of commemoration in the Zócalo of Mexico City, the main square of the country’s capital, apologized to the victims of the “catastrophe” caused by “the Spanish military occupation.” The president has expressed on several occasions that the Spanish Government should do the same, but his request has been rejected from Madrid.

“Let’s make AMLO monarch”

Before the barrage of negative comments calling him “ignorant” and calling for his resignation from office, hours later, Ríos Uribe launched another post that also caused rejection: “The conservative press does not like ‘sarcasm’ but if it bothers them overthrow the ‘monarchies’ of the 21st century, let’s make AMLO a monarch “.

Although with this phrase the deputy clarified in some way the tone of what he had expressed hours before, the criticism did not stop and several users pointed out the contradiction between both statements. “Finally, are you a republican or a monarchist?”one of them commented on his Facebook wall.

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However, the legislator did not close the controversy there and two days later he posted another publication along the same lines as the previous ones where he stated that in his country, the “sold press” and the ‘fachos’ do not know sarcasm and irony “, what he attributes to the fact that they were left “orphans of the millionaire pensions that the ‘neo liberal (sic)’ state gave them, at the expense of the people.”

In his opinion, “they are very angry that now that money is for the people and not for the oligarchs, looters, corrupt people and peddlers.”

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