A mod turns Days Gone for PC into a first-person game

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A mod turns Days Gone for PC into a first-person game

It still hasn’t been a month since Days Gone came to PC. And, unsurprisingly, the community has already started messing with that version. To the point that today we can tell you about a mod that converts the title on a first person adventure.

Also, this modification also implies other changes quite interesting. Obviously, and as is usual in these cases, can still be polished on a technical level. But it is undeniable that the immersion that has been achieved is very striking. Keep reading and we will tell you all the details.

As reported Wccftech, el mod it was published today same in Nexus Mods (where you can see how it looks). This has been created by the user Medicbobs, and below we leave you with the official description from its author:

“I have tried different settings for the cameras and this is what seems to work best for now!I will continue to refine the mod and any requests or input that can improve it! These are some of the things that I have changed, and the ones that I left the same for better immersion, since the game was still designed for third person.

All files that need to be changed están en AppData Local BendGame Saved Cooked WindowsNoEditor BendGame Content Libraries Blueprints Cameras

  • The camera tracking has been changed to first person.
  • Crouch and run they have been changed to first person.
  • Jump out of windows and interiors are in the first person.
  • Hide in bushes It is currently first person, but you can remove BendPlayerCamBush in the cameras folder to go back to third person.
  • The fight It has been left in the third person because it is the most attractive for now, but if you want it in the first person, I can modify the file for you.
  • The stairs to go up they were left in the third person, but they can be done in the first person if necessary.
  • I left the vehicles in the third person for now because most people prefer that view. “.

As for Days Gone, remember that the game is available for both PS4 and PC (from Steam). Also, PS5 users have it included in PS Plus Collection, which also gives them access to certain technical improvements very interesting.

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