A modder restores the mysterious Cleric Beast shortcut in Bloodborne

For many, Bloodborne remains one of the best PS4 exclusive games. And as a good FromSoftware title, the years go by and players continue to discover more secrets. One of them, however, seemed to have no solution. We talk about a mysterious door that we could find after defeating Cleric Beast. Where was he driving? The answer mattered little, taking into account that it was impossible to cross it.

Why was it there then? Shortly after launch, there were already players who managed to discover that the door was intended to lead from the Great Bridge (Central Yharnam) to the Cathedral Quarter. Only that the door (functional in the alpha version) ended up crashing to avoid performance issues in the final version. Now a modder has made it functional.

As they report from VG24/7, has been the popular game modder, Garden of Eyes, the one who has restored the use of the gate. You can see it with your own eyes through this video. Although to understand the story, we have to go back to the moment when the user Lance McDonald (known for uncovering secrets of FromSoftware games) demonstrated that the company had eliminated the shortcut between alpha and release. Basically the door it acted like a picture, but it had stopped having a function.

And knowing this, Garden of Eyes has managed to devise a smart solution to restore shortcut, and therefore the door. Likewise, the modder has slightly moved a chest to the side, apart from adding a fog gate to prevent anyone who hasn’t defeated Cleric Beast from unlocking the shortcut. Probably the way FromSoftware wanted the shortcut to work.

Finally the modder too has removed the invisible wall that the developer added to prevent players from going through it. On the other hand, Garden of Eyes has commented that this mod, which also incorporates several corrections to the game, will be released soon. Even if, logically, it won’t work on a PS4 that has not been modified. Likewise, it is a curiosity worth seeing through video. Y, perhaps this shortcut can be retrieved by FS if one day the game comes to PS5.

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