Sofia Jirau: Puerto Rican model is Victoria’s Secret first with Down syndrome

Puerto Rican Sofia Jirau once again highlighted her distinctive phrase “inside and out there are no limits” by becoming the first model with Down syndrome to model for Victoria’s Secret and the second Puerto Rican to participate in a campaign of the renowned brand of lingerie and feminine beauty products. A credit that he now shares with the Supermodel from Hatilla, Joan Smalls.

“You have to work hard for your achievements. The experience with Victoria’s Secret was brutal, mega ‘cool’ and I’m already around the world. Let everyone know!” he told Magacín.”There are no limits,” is a phrase that the 24-year-old, who is also an entrepreneur, often says.

The past statement is not only part of the words that characterize the blue-eyed pelirrubia. They also perfectly describe the life mission that she embraced from an early age and that has led her down a path of lights and dreams fulfilled in the field of fashion and entertainment. No vicissitude has been an obstacle to achieving every point on her bucket list, one of them, modeling in 2020 at New York Fashion Week. Now, this opportunity at America’s largest lingerie brand sets a new milestone in Jirau’s career.

“I met all the models and I felt very good, powerful, proud…,” said the model. Victoria’s Secret announced yesterday, Valentine’s Day, the debut of “Love Cloud,” a new collection of bras and panties that is focused on all-day comfort. To do something different, the collection is modeled by eighteen dynamic women, who reinforce the commitment of the company founded in San Francisco, California, in 1977, to welcome, welcome and celebrate all women. This launch marks the company’s new vision, focused on female support and empowerment.

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“That Victoria’s Secret experience was brutal, mega cool. I’m all over the world,” said Jirau, who traveled to Los Angeles, California to participate in the campaign’s photo shoot. The campaign brings together internationally renowned models – such as Hailey Bieber and Valentina Sampaio – with women who are dedicated to other industries. Among them Celilo Miles, firefighter of the Nez Perce-Wildland Tribe; Jailyn Matthews, Set Medic and Pilates professional; MaryAnn Elizabeth, multidisciplinary artist; Miriam Blanco, actress; Sylvia Buckler, accessory designer; and Yacine Ndaw, production coordinator.

“Love Cloud Collection’ is an important moment in the evolution of the brand. From the cast of incredible women bringing the collection to life, to the incredible inclusive spirit on set, this campaign is an important part of the new Victoria’s Secret standard we are creating,” said Raul Martinez, creative director of Victoria’s Secret. The pieces of the new proposal seek to set a standard for sophisticated comfort, with a cloud-like pad and a soft-touch fabric. It consists of smoothing technology to give elegant appearances and fully adjustable straps for comfort and flexibility throughout the day.

Jirau is part of the new campaign ‘Love Cloud Collection’, which will be launched on February 17, where the firm is completely open to inclusion in its promotions and shows that nothing can prevent a woman from being an angel of Victoria’s Secret. “This is just the beginning, now it has been formed!” he said under the black and white image in which he is only seen wearing a bra from the prestigious underwear brand and that already exceeds 30,000 likes.

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“Inside and out there are no limits, Alavett!” concluded the model with what is her favorite phrase and which is, in addition, the name of her brand. It means ‘I love it’ and whenever something makes her happy she exclaims it.

Sofia Jirau, 25, has already walked on catwalks such as ‘San Juan Moda in Puerto Rico’ and, in 2020, on the city’s renowned catwalk: ‘New York Fashion Week’. “Since she was a child she has captivated everyone who has had the opportunity to meet her. Her beauty, personality, security and her desire to achieve her dreams are elements that have driven the success that this young woman with Down Syndrome has had and will have”, is how Sofia is described on her page where she sells everything from phone cases, caps, t-shirts, to household items.

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