A Mother Allegedly Killed Her Daughter Because SpongeNob Named Show Had Ordered

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A Michigan woman claims SpongeBob told her to kill her 3-year-old daughter. He did so, according to police. Justine Johnson, 22, has been charged with felony murder and first-degree child abuse in the stabbing death of her daughter Sutton Mosser.Sutton’s body was found stuffed in a black garbage bag after she told her 17-year-old brother to take care of his own business when he asked where Sutton was, he testified in court.

Johnson left his home and the teenager did the same soon after, returning around 10:00 p.m. to an empty house. Johnson’s other brother, Knesley, came home around 4:00 a.m. and asked the teen where Sutton was.The teen, who said he had seen Johnson get high earlier in the day, then went to look and found the garbage bag with what appeared to be a child’s foot protruding, testified.

The couple called police and crime scene investigators found blood stains on the hallway closet door, living room sofas and in the bedroom. Three knives were also found in the bedroom. Sutton’s body, stabbed in the neck, chest and abdomen, was wrapped in a duvet in the bag, along with a ** pair of jeans.

Ryan Eberline, an investigator with Child Protective Services, testified that Johnson told him he had left his mother’s house and fainted at a nearby cemetery, then went to his own apartment and attempted suicide. “She was getting hallucinations from television that had been instructed to take her daughter’s life or she would be killed,” Eberline said Friday, according to MLive.

“It was SpongeBob who was saying these things on TV. If she didn’t do what she did to her daughter, she would be killed. He said he was afraid for his life and had lost his mind.”Johnson must return to the judge for a pretrial hearing and remains behind bars without bond until then.

Brothers of the suspect find the body

According to one report, police officers from the municipality of Oscoda went in the early hours of September 17, 2021, to a home, after Johnson’s brother, Knesley Johnson, called authorities and reported the discovery of a human foot protruding from a black garbage bag.Johnson’s other brother — a teenager — told investigators he woke up around 6 p.m the night before and saw his sister in the bathroom using what he believed were drugs, the report says. He told police that he had asked Johnson where Sutton was and that she replied, “Take care of your p**** affairs.”

The young man left for a few hours, and when he returned home that night there was no one, he told police. Then, once Knesley Johnson got home from work, the younger brother asked about Justine’s whereabouts, the report says. Then he began to search around the house and that’s when he discovered the foot that protruded from the bag, the document says. Then, he alerted his brother Knesley, who called the police.When authorities arrived, they confirmed that the bag contained the body of a girl who would later be identified as Sutton, the report says. He had suffered multiple stab wounds.

Police located Justine Johnson shortly after, as she walked along the train tracks. She was initially detained, but she refused to answer detectives’ questions, according to the report. She was arrested later that day.The girl had been living in the house, which was owned by her grandmother Alisa Johnson. Alisa told police she had urged Justine to stay in the house with her daughter more frequently rather than in her own apartment, so she could help Justine take care of Sutton. Alisa Johnson told police they stayed at her home for about a month and a half.

During the investigation, police accessed Johnson’s apartment, where the report states they found blood on the ground. The document also noted that a bathtub upstairs was partially filled with water and showed “a red tint consistent with blood.” It is unclear to whom the blood found in the apartment belonged.

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