A mother and her forceful position on machismo: asks not to call men “heroes”

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Is there still the machismo? For Chloe Sexton, yes. In the United States, a mother of a family ignited the controversy after her forceful message about “the praise men get for being fathers.” The woman asked that they stop labeling them as “heroes”, because it is their responsibility. The video already converted viral and more than one follower identified herself.

Through your TikTok account (), Chloe narrated “A funny little story about the privilege of being a dad”. The businesswoman indicated that when her husband decided to help her with the purchases she needed for her business, she carried the baby in her arms and this action ended up being applauded by other people.

“I am just a woman doing women’s things, breaking my back but my husband… my husband goes with the baby for mom’s business and everyone says:“ My God, look at you! My god you work so hard”Said the owner of a bakery.

Likewise, Chloe Sexton specified that the “Dad’s privilege is that men get accolades for being dads. Did you feed the baby? What a great dad! Did you hold the baby while mom took a bath? What a great dad! “.

In that sense, the tiktoker added that “I’m amazed at the way this man was treated like a hero. A hero! Of course, those same people see me there every week … and I’m just a woman doing women’s things, breaking her ass … she’s not a heroine “.

Immediately, the publication traveled all over the internet and surpassed one million “likes”. While several mothers supported Chloe’s opinion, comments also appeared that acknowledge the responsible fatherhood exercised by certain men so that more follow the same path.

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“As it is, how pissed me off that you tell me”; “The situation is horrible”; “Amen”; “it makes me angry”; “It is good that parents also deserve recognition”, were some reactions.

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