A motorcyclist ’embedded’ in the back of a passenger van (VIDEO)

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A motorcyclist was involved in a spectacular accident this Sunday in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, in the State of Mexico, by embedding himself in the back of a passenger van after losing control of his vehicle.

According to reports, the motorcyclist had skidded on the wet pavement, presumably due to the excess speed with which he was driving. Losing control of the motorcycle, he was projected against the rear glass of the public transport unit, ending with the upper half of his body on the seats of the van, while his legs were hanging out.

After the impact, both the driver and the passengers rushed to provide assistance to the victim, who was transferred by emergency forces to a local hospital. Fortunately, despite having crashed at high speed and having broken the glass with the helmet, he only suffered some injuries and bruises, without knowing the severity of these.

Warning: the following images may hurt your sensitivity.

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