A motorized camera for mobile phones, new Samsung patent


Today we may not have reached that point where mobile manufacturers do not have something else to offer when it comes to cameras. And we are not talking about the fact that there are increasingly better quality lenses, rather about methods that help to get more out of this feature. And it is Samsung that brings us news thanks to a new patent that shows its new motorized rear camera.

This is the new Samsung motorized camera

Having a mobile that takes good photos is almost something essential that users ask companies. Of course, the higher-end ones have the lenses that provide the best results and for that you will have to scratch your pocket. In addition, in this section we always find the most novel and innovative, so there are also reasons why they cost more for this reason.

But today we have not come to talk about prices, but about one of the improvements that the Korean company has presented as a patent to the world. This time the lenses are the protagonists graces to a motorized camera system. Yes, we have already seen this in some devices that hide the front camera inside the housing, but the new idea takes the rear lenses as a reference.

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As you can see in the image he has published LetsGoDigital, the plate holds the three lenses that can be placed more or less close depending on the user’s needs. Arranged horizontally, the central chamber is the one with the longest run of the three, since it moves vertically and the rest move to the sides.

But what is the point of a motorized lens system? Combine camera technologies. This is the most important since they would give the user more options when using the camera with more or less aperture in the lenses and opt for a more complete and personalized professional mode.

Designed for the future of the house

As it is a patent, Samsung will not allow this technology immediately and we will have to wait to see it in the future. Hopefully it’s not that far and let’s see this feature available on the Galaxy S22 that it could arrive next year, a terminal of which there are still no details, but it is a matter of time before the first ones come out.


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