A new big update comes to PS5 tomorrow, with the long-awaited SSD expansion and much more

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We already knew that Sony planned to offer support to owners of PS5 for expand your console’s internal storage. Today, he announced that the next big system update will be released for everyone. tomorrow, September 15 of 2021.

The second major PS5 update will allow users to option to install your own M.2 SSD drive for expansion your console’s internal storage with compatible SSDs ranging from 250GB to 4TB. Sony previously detailed which M.2 SSDs the console supports, as well as any supported M.2 SSDs you install. will require a heat sink to dissipate additional heat generated by the new SSD.

Previously, PS5 owners could use external hard drives or SSDs, but use was limited in several ways. In an April system update, Sony allowed PS5 owners to move PS5 games stored on the internal SSD drive to compatible external USB drives, but the games stored there could not be played.

The second major update for PS5 includes a Trophy Finder that allows you to select up to five trophies per game in the Control Center.

Along with the SSD expansion, Sony also noted on a detailed PlayStation blog post that the September system update will also include user experience improvements. This includes more transparency in cross-generation games; that way, If a game includes a PS4 and PS5 version, both versions will now appear separately on the “Installed” tab of the Game Library, as well as on the system startup screen.

Other improvements in quality of life that come with this update include the equalizer settings for Pulse 3D headphone owners, a new trophy finder that allows you to perform a Track the progress of a trophy in the Control Center, as well as the option to choose which Control Center functions are visible at the bottom of the screen.

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For its part, PlayStation Now subscribers will also benefit of the new update, allowing you to choose between a resolution of 720p o 1080p (depending on the game you’re streaming), as well as a new connection test tool It allows you to troubleshoot any problem with your connection without any hassle.

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In addition, there will also be improvements in Game Base. So that, players can now read and write messages to their friends and groups directly from Game Base in the Control Center. And when it comes to social interaction, a new kind of compliment has been added: ‘Leader’. At the end of an online game, players can award this new accolade, which will be visible in the profiles of said players.

As if that were not enough, from Now there will be automatic capture of the videos of the best brands. If players participate in challenges to get a better time or a higher score and beat their best mark, a video clip of the game will be automatically recorded. The videos of the best brands can also be shared directly from the challenge card in the Control Center or from the multimedia content gallery. Players will be able to control this functionality in the capture and broadcast settings..

Finally, Sony has also confirmed that there will be improvements to the PS Remote Play and PS App. Basically, from now on we can Remotely stream and view others’ shared screens from the app. Oh, and one last detail: there will also be a small improvement for PS4, but related to PS5. In fact, we will be able to cSee PS5 Trophies in PS4 Profile and Trophy List. Other players’ PS5 trophies can also be viewed on PS4. In addition, group owners will now be able to disband a group, both on PS4 and PS5, without having to eliminate players one by one.

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