A new flight from Moscow lands in Argentina with 709,085 Sputnik V vaccines against the coronavirus

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A new Aerolineas Argentinas flight arrived in Buenos Aires this Tuesday night from Russia, with a cargo of 709.085 vacunas Sputnik V against covid-19, which are being applied throughout the country.

The batch consists of 359,085 doses of component 1 and 350,000 of component 2, and they add up to a total of 25,706,730 vaccines that the Argentine Government has already received through the agreements reached with different laboratories, collects Telam.

The Airbus 330-200, registration LV-GIF, landed at Ezeiza International Airport at 20:15 (local time), coming from Moscow.

On the other hand, the Argentine laboratory Richmond announced on Tuesday that on July 5, the local production of the second component of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine will begin in Argentina, which is already made in the Southern Cone nation. This was reported by the president of the company, Marcelo Figueiras, who explained that at first they will be produced 150,000 doses.

It is expected that by the end of this week the laboratory will have lists nearly 900,000 units of the first component of the vaccine and that as of Monday the preparation of the second begins.

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