A new photo of Tobey Maguire with Tom Holland could confirm the spiderverse

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The performances of Tom Holland they are already of another level. Versatile and charismatic are two of the characteristics that have marked the actor so far in his career. But, beyond his great resume, he is still part of Marvel and on December 17 he will do it again. With Spiderman: no way home, the British star puts himself in the shoes of Peter Parker to give a definitive end to his adventures.

And, beyond the fact that this movie will be the last of Tom Holland in the MCU, it is also one of the most anticipated. This is because, in addition to his involvement, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are eagerly awaited to join him. Since it was known that there would be a new movie, the names of Holland’s predecessors have been on everyone’s lips again.

However, more than once, the three protagonists of this story were in charge of denying this event. But, on different occasions, some tests and theories showed the opposite. In fact, the day of the premiere of the trailer of Spiderman: no way homeOn Monday, August 23, some photographs of Garfield and Maguire on set with Holland were leaked, which Sony immediately took care of eliminating.

In any case, the Internet is a world where secrets are impossible to keep and Marvel is suffering. Is that, in the last hours, a new photograph was leaked that would confirm the Spiderverse. “A new image would have been leaked from the set of Spiderman No Way Home showing the Spider-Man from Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire’s together in the same place as the previous leaks”Wrote a user on Twitter.

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However, the joy of the fans did not last long since, although it was not Sony, another comment managed to eliminate all hope. “That is a lie. This is the real one”Wrote another account showing a true photo of Spider-Man from Tom Holland where he is alone and there is no one else by his side.

So much so that, now, we only have to wait to see what will happen next December 17. Of course, according to the official trailer, a multiverse will open and some villains from the versions of Garfield and Maguire will reappear. Could it be that Peter Parker will have company to fight them?

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