A new testimony shakes the search for Guadalupe Lucero: “I heard the screams of a girl who was asking for her mother”

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The five-year-old girl has been missing for 10 days in San Luis.

The concern for Guadalupe Lucero, the 5-year-old girl who disappeared 10 days ago in San Luis, increases with the passing of the hours and the search advances time trial at international level. Amid so much uncertainty, this Wednesday the testimony of a young woman who could be key in the cause was known.

It is about a young psychology student who claims to have seen a girl the day Guadalupe disappeared accompanied by a woman dressed in black through your kitchen window.

“Listen cries of an agitated little babe who had been asking for his mother and grandmother, “said the witness in dialogue with TN, although he pointed out that he did not leave his house when he heard it because it is common for boys to play in the street at that time in the afternoon.

“They were disoriented screams ”, indicated later. At his side, his sister risked that probably Guadalupe, who was playing hide and seek with her cousins ​​during a family birthday, had walked a little further than she used to and then got lost.

Yellow alert and all open hypotheses

Interpol yesterday activated a yellow alert in search of Guadalupe, while the Minister of Security, Sabina Frederic, asserted that “no clue” is ruled out in the investigation, nine days after the disappearance of the 5-year-old girl in the neighborhood of 544 homes from the city of San Luis

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In television statements, Minister Frederic pointed out that her portfolio is with a team from the Federal Search System in San Luis since last Wednesday. “We also launched the Sofia Alert and there is an alert for a possible call made from Mexico,” added the minister.

Frederic recalled that “as of today, until this morning at least, the case had not become a criminal case, but is a police summary for finding out about whereabouts.”

“We are working with Protex and no line of investigation is ruled out,” he said, adding that “ideally it becomes a criminal case to redirect the investigative work that federal forces are doing in support of the Police of San Luis ”, concluded this afternoon when consulted by the media in the City of Buenos Aires.

Meanwhile, Interpol issued a yellow alert to search for the girl around the world, placing on its page a photograph with her essential data.

They spread new images of Guadalupe

Eric Lucero, father of the missing girl, was in Cruz de Piedra this Wednesday during the raking and released a video of his daughter so that people can recognize gestures and voice of the minor.

Eric specially asked go viral this video where you can see the baby in a bed with a puppy and talking with him.

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