A photo could confirm the Spiderverse in Spiderman: no way home

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For months, various theories have been tilted that the latest movie of Tom Holland in Marvel, Spiderman: no way home It will also feature the participation of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, thus generating the first Spiderverse in the franchise. The actors, who played the super arachnid before Holland left the MCU years ago, but now everything indicates that they would be back.

Spiderman fans are already preparing to see them together. Photo: (IMDB)

However, on more than one occasion the three interpreters of Peter Parker were in charge of denying a possible joint work in Spiderman: no way home. However, despite the many times that there was a resounding no from both the protagonists and the production, including Kevin Feige, fans do not lose the illusion of seeing them together.

That is why the recent photo of Kristen Dunst, who played Mary Jane (Peter’s great love) in the film that Maguire starred in, has once again raised suspicions. It is that, in addition to Tobey and Andrew, it was also said that both the first MJ and the second, Emma Stone, who was named as Gwen Stacy in Spiderman would also be part of Spiderman: no way home.

So much so that the fact that Dunst was captured on the streets of Los Angeles with Deborah Ann Woll (Karen in Daredevil) was what rekindled the rumors of a possible Spiderverse. Although, to the disappointment of many, it must be clarified that in reality who was with Kristen was not, precisely Ann Woll.

Deborah Ann Woll confirmed that it is not her alongside Kristen Dunst.

Deborah Ann Woll confirmed that it is not her alongside Kristen Dunst.

It was the same actress who, through twitter, assured that it is not she who is in the photographs, thus breaking with the desire of many Spiderman followers that the Spiderverse be confirmed. And, this indicates that we will still have to wait until December 17, the date on which the film will be released, so that it is known if there will actually be the epic return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield to work with Tom Holland.

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