A pitbull puppy died saving two children from a poisonous snake attack

It is known that the fraternal bond between animals and humans is long-standing. Therefore, there are stories worth telling and that show an unmatched loyalty. Such is the case that becomes relevant today after the death of a pitbull puppy who gave his life to protect his little owners from a poisonous snake that was about to attack them in their home.

The unfortunate event happened in Florida, United States, when a small nine-month-old pit bull puppy died after protecting children who were being stalked by a poisonous snake that ended up biting the animal.

According to various international media reports, the dog, named Zeus, I was with some children in the backyard of a house in Florida. While the little ones of the family were changing the water in his drinking fountain, they were surprised by a coral snake ready to attack them.

At that time, the reptile He tried to attack the little ones and the pet reacted by defending them immediately even though he was at a serious disadvantage.

“Suddenly, he started attacking the snake that was near my son and was bitten four times,” said the owner of Zeus, Gary Richardson.

After the attack, the family quickly brought Zeus To veterinary. There, he was treated by professionals who placed an antidote on him in the hope that he could recover from the wounds caused by the snake’s bites and that the venom would not have caused irreparable damage.

Unfortunately, Zeus He died the next day and his owner had heartfelt words about it: “I am grateful that he gave his life for our children. He will be remembered by the many hearts he has touched around the world now. ”

But, in addition, the woman wanted to refer to the negative characterization that often surrounds the dogs of the Pitbull breed in which they are usually seen as dangerous and highly aggressive. In this regard, he commented: “If you find a pit bull that is aggressive, it is most likely that they were not treated correctly. If you treat them well, they would give their lives for you and I owe them the life of my son ”.

The story with a happy ending for the children had a sour drink with the loss of the family pet who gave his life to protect the little ones from the fierce attack of the snake.

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