A poisonous snake crawled into a Christmas tree and tried to attack a family

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Rob and Marcela Wild were surprised to note that their newly decorated Christmas tree featured a poisonous snake, of the boomslang type. Shortly before the discovery, children Edward and Sahara collaborated to leave the Christmas pine in condition.

The snake, also known as the Cape tree snake, is the most poisonous in South Africa ahead of the mamba and the cobra, so a bite could prove fatal without the antidote.

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The family was shocked in fear as they watched their striking fanged guest move through different branches, then settle between the lights and tinsel. Rob, 55, of Borehamwood, Herts, told The Sun: “We had just finished decorating the tree and the children were putting the presents underneath before turning on the lights.

And followed: “We were admiring our work when my wife Marcela pointed to our two cats and said she thought there might be a mouse in the tree while they were looking at it.”

In addition, he reported that “They often bring gifts” of the farm where they live, so Marcela went to look closely, and try to know what was happening. As she moved some ornaments, she noticed a snake head staring at her.

She screeched and screamed ‘snake’ and we all came back and I moved forward to see better, I googled it and realized it was a deadly boomslang, “he commented.

“We had a number for a snake catcher and we called and he told us to keep him in the tree, so every time he came down we would rustle the presents to send him back.”revealed the man.

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Said “It was two very long hours until he got here”, And it was as if the police had arrived at the house, but once the specialist hooked it with his pliers, “We were able to breathe again.”

Rob, the UK stock trader, moved to South Africa 15 years ago with his wife Marcela and they have an 11-year-old son Edward and a six-year-old daughter, Sahara.

He pointed: “I wished there were a lot of things under the tree by Christmas Day, but one thing I didn’t want was a four-foot-long poisonous snake!” Not until professional snake hunter Gerrie Heyns removed the animal from there, the family could not breathe easy.

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