a popular actress turned him down for the Matrix

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The movies of Marvel Studios they have made something very clear: they are the favorites of the public. Many of them may not have the best reviews from specialists, but the box office shows that they are the most chosen by viewers and a large percentage are part of the 10 most viewed in film history. It is for this reason that the proposals of Kevin Feige’s company are so attractive for Hollywood actors, but there is an actress who did not fall into the temptation.

Millionaire contracts, the commitment to be part of a successful franchise and be loved by the public. All these are the benefits of the actors who are today part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But apparently that is not enough for everyone and an actress proved it by rejecting the superhero studio’s offer to stay with another also very prominent brand: Matrix.

We talk about Jessica Henwick, the interpreter who participated in projects of this type, for example, impersonating Collen Wing in Iron Fist. This action series has two seasons and 23 episodes in total available on Netflix. It was starred by Find Jones and tells the story of Danny Rand, a man who survives a mysterious plane crash and reappears 15 years after being presumed dead. With his power, he tries to recover his past and fulfill his destiny.

Apparently, Henwick was summoned again to be part of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the successful Marvel movie that had its premiere in September of this year and that functions as the introduction of Simu Liu, the son of the dangerous organization that has been seen for the first time in Iron Man (2008). Apparently, the actress would have been summoned to give life to the protagonist’s sister, Xialing, a role that was left in the hands of Meng’er Zhang.

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The reason you left Kevin Feige’s company? He prioritized his relevant role in Matrix Resurrections, where it will give life to Bugs. This will be the fourth installment in the sci-fi franchise starring Keanu Reeves. And although it is not yet known what will happen to the role of Jessica Henwick, the truth is that there are many chances that it will continue to be part of the next sequels.

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