A public energy, among the proposals of Catalonia to save energy

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Catalonia has transferred to the central Executive eight proposals that it considers can be implemented to save energy, among which are the creation of a public energy company, accelerating biomethane injection projects into the distribution and up to three legislative amendments.

In the proposal document, prepared by the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda, advanced by El Periódico and to which Efe has had access, it is recalled that the Catalan Government prepares an energy saving and efficiency plan every five years, which It already contemplates, for example, using the roofs of buildings and public facilities for the generation of renewable energies.

The first of the eight proposed measures involves “accelerating the development of biomethane injection projects into the natural gas distribution or transport network based on the adaptation of existing biogas plants”, for which it would be necessary to modify the regulations planning or a line of aid for investment in this field.

The Catalan executive also proposes “bringing supply closer to demand”, so that electricity losses in transport and distribution, set at a minimum of 15%, can be reduced.

This involves “maximizing locally distributed generation of installed power equal to or less than 5 MW connected to a voltage distribution line of up to 25 KV (in the case of the State, 45 KV), which guarantees that generation produced is going to be consumed by those nearby consumers, whether they are from the nearest municipality or from those in the same region”.

Another proposed action is to draw up a shock plan for better use of photovoltaic surpluses from self-consumption plants: according to Government estimates, “of the 169 MW of self-consumption in Catalonia installed by the end of 2021, 46 MW do not inject the surplus energy. It could be considered that 46 MW of power have access to the grid”.

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“To reverse this situation”, the department proposes three legislative amendments: “allow the compensation of surpluses for powers of up to 1 MW”, “eliminate access and connection permits for self-consumption powers equal to or less than the contracted power, at least for power installations less than 500 KW”; and “real separation of the activities of the electrical system and audit of the regulated costs”.

The Catalan Executive plans to approve in the autumn the statutes of the future public energy company of the Generalitat, which intends to “influence the electricity market”, playing a role in the different activities of the sector, as recently indicated by the Director General of Energy, Assumpta Farran, in an interview with Efe.

In this regard, he proposes to the central government that the state administration also choose to create a public energy company to move towards “a distributed and democratic model.”

Ultimately, the Ministry reviews in its letter up to seven actions that it plans to implement -among them, promoting teleworking, refurbishing buildings or maximizing the use of the bike, in addition to photovoltaic panels on public roofs- in the aforementioned efficiency plan energy that is produced every five years.

The document sent by the Generalitat responds to the request to the autonomies of the Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, to submit their own energy saving proposals before September.

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