A Radiant and Happy Jota Peleteiro and Miriam Ruiz Take an Important Relationship Step: “Let’s Add Up”

By: MRT Desk

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Jota Peleteiro (31) and Miriam Ruiz are taking big steps in their relationship, strengthening their bond even more. The couple is fearless and has decided to embrace their love without any hesitation or reservations. They are proud to show their love and trust in public.

Recently, Jota Peleteiro shared a photograph on his public profile of himself hugging his girlfriend while enjoying a sunny weekend afternoon together. He captioned the picture “Sumando”, which means “adding” in English, showing that their love is growing stronger each day.

In another snapshot, we see a group of children playing together while Jota and Miriam embrace each other. It appears that their respective children have also joined in on the fun, as Jota has two children from his previous marriage to Jessica Bueno: Jota Jr and Alejandro and Miriam is the mother of a girl.

Jota’s previous marriage to Jessica Bueno ended in divorce, but he has always maintained a cordial relationship with his ex-wife for the sake of their children. However, when some photos of Jessica with her new love interest, Pablo Marqués, surfaced online, Jota made a controversial comment on social media.

He attacked his ex-partner and her new love interest with a sarcastic comment, which he later deleted. Jessica responded saying that his comment bothered her and she did not want to add fuel to the fire.

After her divorce, Jessica has been focused on her family, professional projects and her career as a model. She has started an event organization company with her friend Lorena Bermúdez and has made a comeback to the fashion industry with renewed vigor and passion.

In conclusion, Jota Peleteiro and Miriam Ruiz are showing the world that love knows no boundaries. They are not afraid to show their affection and trust in public, and are an inspiration to many. Jessica Bueno has moved on from her past relationship and is flourishing both professionally and personally. They are all taking positive steps in their lives, and we wish them the very best.

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