A Reddit user printed a Simpsons TV that plays the episodes

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A cloudy sky and characteristic music kick off the introduction. Little by little, we travel Springfield and we meet Bart running away from school, Lisa leaving his music class, Marge and Maggie coming back from the supermarket and Homero driving at full speed. Is that the family Simpson runs home to meet again and see the TV. This device with a fundamental role and that has been iconic throughout all the seasons of the serie animated.

Any fan of The Simpson ever imagined what it would be like to live in the home known around of all the world. Even have the same elements that we can see on the screen. So much so, that an engineer passionate about history created your own TV of Homer in miniature. Not only that: since he shared it on social networks, he became viral and now everyone who has one.

The Simpson family gathers to watch television, an iconic element of the series (IMDb).

How did the Simpsons TV replicate?

The man is called Brandon Withrow and used all his knowledge in engineering and software to develop with a 3D printer and one Raspberry Pi mini computer this replica that went viral. It is that not only is it a perfect decoration element for lovers of the program, but it also has the ability to reproduce the first 11 seasons, a total of 248 episodes.

Withrow is a user of the social network Reddit, where it was registered as “buba447”. There he shared all the details and explained that the TV contains a Pi Zero computer and a 32GB microSD card. Likewise, he designed the complete replica in the Autodesk Fusion 360 program and executed the parts with an Ender 3 Pro 3D printer. knobs that has its creation are real: one of them allows you to lower and raise the volume, and another works to randomly change the episodes.

The Simpson

The user will share a guide with the step by step (Reddit buba447).

This invention works through current by USB, something very simple and that seems within reach for everyone. Therefore, users were desperate to see it and asked the engineer to please post on his Reddit account a guide with the steps to follow so that each one can have their own television. The fan of The Simpson He assured that as soon as he can he will and I already create expectations in the lovers of the series.


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