A report anticipates the rapid growth of the robotaxis market

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Washington, Jul 22 (EFE News) .- The market for driverless taxis, or robotaxis, will grow at an annual rate of 136% in the next nine years so that by 2030 the segment will have a fleet of 1.4 million of vehicles worldwide compared to 617 units that exist today.

This is pointed out by a report prepared by Reportlinker, according to which market growth will be driven by a high demand for passenger transport services, technological development in the automobile sector, the growing demand for efficient consumption public transport and the development infrastructure.

The study also notes that in the last months of the pandemic, the use of robotaxis has increased and that the United States and China already have passenger transport companies that offer autonomous taxi services.

In China, AutoX and Baidu are the first two companies to offer commercial robotaxis services on public roads.

Precisely, Ford announced this Wednesday that it will launch a robotaxis service in Miami later this year together with the passenger transport company Lyft and the artificial intelligence company Argo AI. Ford said the service will be expanded in early 2022 to the city of Austin, Texas.

The robotaxis will circulate on the Lyft network with Argo AI’s autonomous driving system and will initially have a safety driver, for emergency situations.

This initial launch phase will be followed by a period of expansion, with the goal of having some 1,000 robotaxis operating on the Lyft network in a multitude of cities over the next five years.

The Reportlinker report indicates that the autonomous bus and van segment will grow at a significant rate given that there are already companies in various parts of the world, such as Navya, EasyMile and Local Motors, that are already marketing them.

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For example, the French EasyMile, by 2020 had already deployed more than 180 autonomous shuttle buses around the world.

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