A Republican congressman sent a Christmas postcard with his armed family and it became a trend in the networks: “Santa Claus, bring bullets”

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Five days after a new shooting in an American school that caused four deaths and eight injuries near Detroit, a Republican congressman had no better idea than to publish on his Twitter account a Christmas photo accompanied by his family in which all are heavily armed .

But that’s not all: the message wishes its followers a merry Christmas with a controversial postscript: “Santa Claus please bring bullets”.

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How is the controversial Christmas card of the Republican congressman that shows his entire family with long guns

Thomas Massie, a Republican lawmaker for Kentucky, posted the photo on his personal Twitter account on Saturday. The image shows his entire family – in total seven people, four men and three women – with long weapons in their possession and all with a huge smile. The image even shows what appears to be his teenage daughter.

The photography has as a background a well decorated Christmas tree in a room that is believed to be his family home.

“Merry Christmas! Postscript, Santa please bring bullets, ”the congressman wrote.

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A stir on social networks for the Christmas postcard of a Republican congressman and his family with long guns

The postcard generated 74,800 comments, 53,100 retweets and 67,900 “likes” in just 24 hours on Twitter.

Immediately, Massie’s message became a trend on social networks, especially since last week the country experienced a new tragedy related to weapons, when a 15-year-old student killed four classmates and wounded eight others in a shooting at a secondary school in the town of Oxford, near Detroit, in the state of Michigan.

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What were the reactions in the United States to the Christmas postcard of a Republican congressman who posed with his family with long weapons

The publication generated strong reactions, even among his peers. The democrat John Yarmuth, from the same state of Kentucky, quickly came up against his colleague’s comment and remarked that “Not everyone in Kentucky is a callous jerk”.

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For its part, Manuel Oliver, the father of one of 17 killed in another Florida school shooting in 2018, was blunt: Massie’s tweet “is a big part of the problem. I don’t know if they were trying to be ironic, funny, or what but it is in the worst taste. It is something that should teach us who we should elect (for public office) and who we should not, “said Oliver in an interview on the network. CNN.

The Michigan school tragedy reignited debate over the need for gun access controls in the United States. The parents of the alleged perpetrator of the Oxford shooting, Ethan Crumbley, were charged with involuntary manslaughter after it became known that they had bought the weapon used by their son in the massacre.

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