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A rumored Tinder Swindler Rids His silence and gives an Interview with His new girlfriend

Simon Leviev, the accused “Tinder Swindler” who was accused of scamming a variety of women in the hundreds of thousands, has broken his silence in a forthcoming interview in two parts in an interview with Inside Edition.

In the video released through Inside Edition, Simon attests that he’s no “Tinder Swindler” however, he “was just a single person who wanted to connect with some women through Tinder,” adding, “I’m not this guy.”

Simon Leviev — the protagonist of the cult Netflix documentaries The Tinder Swindler — It is reported that Simon Leviev is keen to cash on his new fame according to TMZ.

A 31-year old lothario signed a contract with porn legend Gina Rodriguez (Mommy XXX) She manages a number of actors from reality television, including Mama June.

TMZ reports that the two have discussed “a number of ideas to turn Leviev’s Netflix fame into a profit and a career in entertainment.”

Weasely Leviev is accused of swindling numerous women of thousands of dollars following discovering the women on Tinder. One of his goals is to create his own show on dating on which “women are competing for his affections.” An audio podcast about dating rules and dos and don’ts is also being debated.

On the day that the film’s release, Tinder also added new guidelines called “Romance Scams How to Protect Yourself Online,” while noting that scammers are using the site to target “vulnerable” individuals “looking in love” in a report as reported in The Washington Post.

While Leviev is not allowed to join Tinder but he’s active on Instagram through a different page. He admitted that in the course of an Instagram video this week that his old page has been “hacked.”

He has also set his goals towards Hollywood. As per Entertainment Tonight, “he has signed to work with a talent agent, Gina Rodriguez of Gitoni Inc. In the hopes of making a successful career in the entertainment business.” The publication further states that he’s “looking at a possible podcast or hosting a dating show and/or writing a novel.”

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