A Sex Education actress was on Outlander and you didn’t notice

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The series share an actress, who had important moments in Netflix, while in the Starz show she was only in one episode. Who is it?

A Sex Education actress was on Outlander and you didn't notice.


© NetflixA Sex Education actress was on Outlander and you didn’t notice.

Sex Education and Outlander They are two of the most popular series today and you can see both on the streaming service Netflix, although the second is original from Starz Play and will soon be added to your catalog. One of the actresses of the teenage show was also part of the historical drama in one of its episodes, but being characterized in a different way maybe you did not recognize it.

On September 17 came the third season of Sex Education to the platform with a new batch of episodes, but they will not be the last, since in the edition of the virtual event TUDUM it was confirmed that it will have a fourth installment. For its part, Outlander awaits the release of its sixth part, which ended its filming in June of this year and awaits its premiere in early 2022.

+ The Sex Education Actress Who Was Also On Outlander

The Netflix show has some recognized faces, but there are some actors who rose to fame, such as Tanya Reynolds, who plays Lily Iglehart. If you are an Outlander fan, maybe you also remember her for having played Lady Isobel Dunsany in one of the episodes of season 3, although you may not have recognized her for looking completely different from how she is in Sex Education.

Two years before being part of the N teen series, Reynolds was part of the episode titled “Of Lost Things”, corresponding to the third season released in 2017. This is a special moment for Jamie Fraser as it shows it years after the Battle of Culloden and the departure of his wife, Claire, to the future.

Jamie begins working as a servant at the Helwater estate after saving his life in Culloden and there he meets the sisters Isobel and Geneva Dunsany. The character of Tanya Reynolds she eventually marries Lord John Gray and does not appear in the series again, but in the fourth season we learn that Isobel dies from an illness on a ship that was traveling from England to the United States.

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