A Skyrim and Fallout Veteran Announces His Game: The Axis Unseen, An Open World Hunting Game With Dark Fantasy

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14-year Bethesda veteran, Nate Purkeypile, who worked on Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and was the lead artist on Fallout 76, has announced its own game. This will be called The Axis Unseen, and it’s a game open world fighter with dark first person fantasy, which are not exactly few elements.

But The Axis Unseen is not a joke. As you can see in the official announcement trailer (below), as well as in the gallery screenshots present in this article, it is a beautiful game. Purkeypile is using Unreal Engine 5 to power The Axis Unseen, and the results are already impressive, visually speaking, even at this early stage of development.

“The Axis Unseen is a heavy metal open world horror hunting game.”Purkeypile said in a statement to MRT. Hunt and track monsters In a world trapped outside of time Improve your bow and your senses. Reach shelter before dark. [Y] don’t forget they are hunting you too. “.

The music, Purkeypile told us, is from Clifford Meyer, a veteran of the legendary post-metal bands ISIS and Red Sparowes. Of course, the cover letter is ideal to make clear what the style of the game will be.

From here, we can only tell you to stay tuned for more information about The Axis Unseen, a game developed by the Just Purkey Games studio and which will arrive sometime in the next year 2022. For now is confirmed for PC. And, in fact, at the moment it is already possible to include it in your wishlist on Steam. Likewise, you can also check the game on the Epic Games Store.

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If we pay attention to the description of this last store, it is said that we will hunt folk creatures from all over the world. In addition, they comment that we will have to follow their tracks and traces of blood. And we will even have pay attention to the direction of the wind so they can’t smell us approaching.

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