A spectacular trailer for the 2008 Duke Nukem canceled appears

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A trailer for a canceled game of Duke Nukem 2008 has appeared on the Internet. Animation studio Janimation was hired by Gearbox at that time to create a cinematic for the game before Gearbox removed the title, apparently due to legal issues surrounding the franchise.

Gregor Punchatz, an animator best known for his work on monster models for Doom, spearheaded the making of the trailer in 2008. The trailer was released recently on Punchatz YouTube channel Y shows a brief look at what Duke Nukem Begins could have been: an alleged origin story for the protagonist of the series.

<body data-rsssl=1>Perhaps the most famous of all rebooted games, Duke Nukem Forever spent 15 years in development with the help of at least four separate teams. The game was announced to be in development back in 1997 under series developer 3D Realms. Founder Scott Miller claims the game really started getting into development trouble around 2003. After using the Quake II engine for over a year, development was essentially rebooted when the team switched to Unreal Engine in 1998. By 2003, conflicts arose between 3D Realms and publisher Take-Two resulting in a highly-publicized lawsuit. By 2009, 3D Realms claims it spent $20 million on the development of the game, and though development was reportedly nearing completion, layoffs occurred and development halted. Former 3D Realms employees started Triptych games and continued development. By 2010 GearBox studios primarily took over development, with Piranha Games hired to port the game from PC to PS3 and Xbox 360 and work on mul<br /></body>” class=”image screenshot” itemprop=”contentUrl” src=”https://sm.ign.com/ign_es/screenshot/d/duke-nukem/duke-nukem-foreverbrbrperhaps-the-most-famous-of-all-reboote_qsff.jpg”/></figure>
<p>Act as an origin story <strong>would make sense according to the time period of Duke Nukem Begins</strong>.  With work on the trailer, which took place in 2008, Duke Nukem Begins would likely have been Gearbox’s first entry in the FPS saga. <strong>Instead, the study launched with Duke Nukem Forever, which launched in June 2011.</strong> with a mixed reception.</p><div class='code-block code-block-10' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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The Duke Nukem Begins mockup trailer, unlike other entries in the Duke Nukem franchise, show the game as a third person shooter game with four player co-op mode. According to the trailer, the game would have sought to bring back a range of iconic Duke weapons, including his signature pistol and the freezing beam, while showing Duke slaying enemies with his own arms.

In other news, MRT recently reported that the Swedish video game holding company Embracer Group announced that it will acquire 8 more studios to its “collection”. The acquisition will mean that the group will own the developers of Duke Nukem Forever, 3D Realms, as well as Gearbox Studios, which they acquired in February. With both companies now under Embracer, there may be a few hopes for this Duke Nukem idea to become a reality.

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