A Star Wars star leaves a film without telling anyone

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Una estrella de Star Wars abandona una filmaciĆ³n sin avisarle a nadie

Personal motives or creative differences? Here’s what is known about the Star Wars actor who retired from Netflix’s Rebel Ridge set

Unusual! On Hollywood things happen that will never cease to amaze. Despite the fact that in the middle of the show everything could be expected, some cases end up being inexplicable and that is why they remain in the collective memory. This was what happened recently in Netflix, when an actor, popular for appearing in Star Wars, left a production in a surprise way.

Is about John Boyega, who became known through his participation in the last episodes of the galactic saga, but that left everyone speechless for something apart. The celebrity was in the preparation of the next premiere of the platform, Rebel Ridge.

According to reports, the artist did not claim to have a conflict with any of the members of the production, much less arguments or lawsuits. However, the peace that reigned on the set was not enough and he stepped aside.

However, despite the enigmatic tone of this situation, it seems that everything would be connected with internal conflicts of the subject with the script of the feature film and its adaptations. The specialized medium The Hollywood Reporter He points out that he did not announce his decision to anyone and when they tried to look for him, he had already left his hotel.

Everything indicates that Boyega would have already resolved to do this, since it is not a determination that can be taken lightly, so surely he already had doubts about the work carried out. Even so, there has already been an official pronouncement by the chain and also one from himself. In both communications it was stated that there were family causes in the middle of the episode. The foregoing has been questioned and it is now expected that the whole situation will be further clarified in the next few hours.

Rebel Ridge

Finally, on the other hand, about the film that is being developed it can be said that it is “a thriller that explores systemic American injustice”, as defined by the study itself.

Directed by Jeremy Saulnier, Rebel Ridge, from Netflix, will star Don Johnson, James Cromwell, James Badge Dale Y AnnaSophia Robb. No release date has been set yet.

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