“A Startling Message on the Street & the Inspiring Story of Unveiling the Man Behind the Artist – The Making of a Successful Series”

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Fito Páez, the Argentine musician, gained inspiration for his latest project, Love After Love, during a visit to Frida Kahlo’s house in Mexico. After confessing his struggle with suicidal thoughts, a fan revealed that Páez’s music helped him through hard times. This experience was the spark that ignited the flame of Love After Love.

Juan Pablo Kolodziej, a member of Páez’s staff, suggested creating a series on the musician’s life with elements of success and tragedy, similarly seen in the Luis Miguel series and Freddie Mercury movie. To Kolodziej’s surprise, Páez did not rule out the idea. Love After Love was in the making.

The showrunner’s initial link with Páez first started through Eugenia, Páez’s partner, and then shared the idea with Mandarina Contenidos owner, Mariano Chihade, who was quickly enthusiastic about the idea. After gaining Páez’s approval, the team started casting and writing.

The cast largely consists of unknown actors to obtain a realistic portrayal of the protagonists. Páez intervened only to suggest Andy Chango play Charly García, despite resistance due to the age difference. Oscar Mullet contributed to the makeup, hiding wrinkles with silicone patches imported from Germany. Micaela Riera, who played Fabiana Cantilo, earned the role after an impressive audition and strong resemblance to Cantilo.

Benicio Mutti Spinetta, the grandson of Luis Alberto, auditioned for the leading role that ultimately went to Iván Hochman, with his resemblance to a young Fito.

The series was filmed over six months in 2022 during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, with most scenes recorded in Buenos Aires and some in Santa Marta, Colombia.

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Love After Love has been a success and features an unreleased track by Páez, “My Little Earthquake,” which portrays the musician’s journey through the loss of his father.

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