A statue of Elon Musk is installed in New York for his birthday, and it provokes mockery and comparisons with the failed bust of Ronaldo

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On June 28, the American businessman Elon Musk turned 50, and to celebrate the date the investment platform Public.com ad on Twitter the raffle for one hundred 35-centimeter bronze statuettes with the image of the billionaire.

In addition to the small figures, the company also erected a full-length Musk memorial in Manhattan, a sculpture made of polyester resin and covered in bronze.

“Because Elon’s ambition (and maybe ego) is definitely not a miniature, we installed a life-size statue” in New York, the platform wrote on Twitter indicating the location of the work.

The statue, which many New Yorkers see little resemblance to the real Musk, will be removed in five days. Meanwhile, eBay started an auction in which the monument can be purchased for a personal collection, the proceeds of which will be donated to an investment school. Now its price exceeds $ 2,500.

Many users of social networks criticized the inauguration of the monument, which, according to they argue He “looks nothing like” the founder of SpaceX and Tesla.

Some even they compared the statue with the infamous bust of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, which eventually had to be replaced.

“Thank you for this ugly and giant statue that nobody asked for”, tweeted an user. The most critical agreed on the idea of ​​spoiling the sculpture, and even they suggested use it as a public toilet.

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