A stolen baby, a mother who does not appear and two detained nurses: the mystery behind the case that has the Justice of Salta in suspense

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The incessant crying of a newborn baby caught the eye of the patients waiting at the guard. A woman entered with her in her arms while at her side a man arranged the blanket that covered her and tried to calm her down. They both walked through the waiting room and they were puzzled. It was then that a doctor approached them to ask how he could help them. “We need our daughter’s birth certificate”they responded.

The story began with a specific request. “We had it in the field. When she started to feel pain we were alone, so she was born there. As we could not get here, we came to look for the record, “said the man. The doctor decided to refer the case to the director of Las Lajitas General Hospital, doctor Claudio Jesus Núñez, that upon hearing the facts again he did not believe one of their words.

The sequence occurred at the end of September in the Salta hospital and caused that Romina Roxana Rea and Juan Alejandro Reyes, by profession nurses, were detained and were accused of the crime of abduction of a minor.

The victim is a baby who was only 12 days old at the time. It was precisely Núñez who decided to appear before the Prosecutor of the Salta town of Joaquín V. González to report what happened. “At this time they are both in preventive custody, we are still investigating. It is necessary to clarify who the girl is, the mother has not yet appeared“Said the prosecutor in the case Maria Celeste Garcia Pisacic a TN.

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The judicial officer revealed that it is known that the defendant entered the hospital and presented herself as the mother of the baby. “The baby was put at the disposal of a Salta consultancy to receive the pertinent care of the newborn,” said García Pisacic, who added: “They said that he had assisted her in the field and they wanted to regularize their daughter’s situation.”

“Although much evidence still needs to be produced, we were able to elucidate that she is not the mother. At 12 days of birth, she must have had physical sequelae of childbirth, but she had none. On the other hand, before arriving at the hospital, they carried out a course that included a visit to the Civil Registry and another to a private clinic in the same town, ”said the prosecutor.

Lies, forged documents and a confession

She claimed that the baby was stolen from a hospital in Tucumán. They both work there and they took her away. The accused took another position, but it was indeed like that: they arrived in Salta with a baby that had been born there, ”García Pisacic continued.

The couple in question also tried forge documents and alter other papers without success. The maneuver caused the Civil Registry and the owner of the private clinic (Blanca Ludueña) accompany the complaint to the prosecution.

Today we have to find out who the mother is. If it is the person they point to or if they lie. On the other hand, to know if it was given, given or taken from his arms. The details modify the legal figure of the fact and also the procedural status of both, ”the prosecutor remarked.

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“There is a protocol in the Civil Registry that must be respected when having a baby. When it occurs in the characteristics that they assure the baby was born, doctors intervene and a particular documentation is drawn up, which is not the same as in traditional cases. Because It is striking that they have come to Salta to try a maneuver that they knew would not go well”Emphasized García Pisacic.

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TN was able to verify that she is a native of Las Lajitas and is 30 years old. He, 32, was born in Jujuy but had long lived in Tucumán. “They have been detained since September 24. When declaring, they did not specify why they came here. Maybe they thought they could do it in a small hospital and no one would notice. That is why I want to highlight the work of Dr. Núñez ”, said the judicial official.

“In these days we will send a commission to Tucumán and the genetic results will be pending. Logically also with respect to the father, that we have no other way to do it if it is not with this type of comparison. Regarding their procedural situation, let’s say they are very complicated. They are assisted with a serious criminal type and it is not possible to release them“, The prosecutor completed.

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