A street artist painted amazing 3D graffiti that looks real

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If we wanted to define the work of the artist French Pierrot as shocking, it is probably an insufficient adjective and we fall short. In fact, if one day, due to any of those coincidences in life, we find ourselves walking near or next to one of his works, we would be surprised with that indescribable feeling that his murals have movement. If it even seemed that they are coming towards people! For this very reason, his work continues to captivate the networks and to make people talk.

Its gigantic and detailed murals, made with 3D technique and that surprise with their optical illusions on the streets and walls of the public thoroughfare, they have surprised hundreds of thousands of people on the social network Instagram. And it is that in his profile @scaf_oner he usually shares different photos and videos of his finished works, works that are enjoyed by more than 150,000 fans who follow him.


There are two surprising characteristics of Pierrot’s work. On the one hand, the level of detail and that three-dimensional effect with which it works and that gives the feeling to anyone that the drawing is going to go beyond the limit of traditional dimensions (length and height). But, in addition, the size of their imposing jobs is also eye-catching.

Dinoaurs, fish, snakes, lions, mythological beings and even video game characters make up his extensive street catalog, the one that he shows off with pride and passion on his Instagram. And also that they serve as antresala for those who visit their Web page, where it also offers different jobs for sale (scaf.bigcartel.com). Those characters are also the ones who usually generate more than one fright or startle to any passerby who absentmindedly bumps into one of the works.

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Before and after

In their networks, Pierrot (or @scaf_oner) usually shares the photos with him before and after of the different walls involved. And this contrast adds even more impact to your work.

“Passionate about drawing, I founded my decoration company GrafoDeco. Aimed at both individuals and professionals (public or private companies), event organizers, associations, or all those who want to provide a touch of originality to your interior or exterior decorations. I paint all the supports (walls, panels, canvases) and of all sizes ”, Pierrot defines himself on his own website.

The young man is also proudly happy to be a autodidact in the art world. And it is that he has not studied in any school or institute. “I did not study art. I started 18 years ago in abandoned factories and on the streets. It was a friend from school who transmitted this passion to me ”, he told a while ago when being interviewed by the site Bored Panda.

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