A study reveals that investments in Lego can generate more income than gold

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Alternative investments such as jewelry, artwork, antiques, collector’s wines, and automobiles are quite popular, especially in developing countries such as China, Russia, and Middle Eastern states.

However, there are other objects, which, although they seem less serious acquisitions, can be a good source of income. Thus, Lego sets, Barbie dolls, superhero minifigures, model cars and model trains are investments that, perhaps, may one day turn their owners into millionaires.

Russian economists from the Higher School of Economics (Moscow), Victoria Dobrynskaya and Yulia Kishilova, dedicated their study, published en la revista Research in International Business and Finance, a lots of Lego pieces as the probably most profitable alternative investment, after discovering that the recalled sets sold on the secondary market they go up 11% of their value every year at the very least, showing higher growth than gold, some stocks and bonds.

The study authors analyzed the prices of more than 2,300 Lego sets, manufactured between 1987 and 2015. Based on information from primary sales and online auctions, the researchers concluded that the price in the secondary market starts to grow two to three years after the batch is removed and it can vary quite a bit each year.

The sets with the highest value growth in the secondary market are those that represent iconic buildings or are inspired by movies and historical events. Some of the more expensive bundles include the Millennium Falcon and Imperial-class Star Destroyer, fictional ‘Star Wars’ spaceships; the Death Star II, a space station within the same universe; and the imposing Taj Mahal in the city of Agra (India).

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“Lego investors make huge profits by reselling unopened sets, especially the rare ones, which were made in limited editions or a long time ago. Sets produced 20-30 years ago evoke the nostalgia of Lego ‘fans’ and their prices soar“, Explain Dobrynskaya in the article, published on the page of the Moscow university.

“However, despite the high profitability of Lego sets in the secondary market in general, not all sets are equally successful, and it takes a true Lego fan to understand the nuances of the market and see the potential. investment in a specific set “, details the researcher.

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