A teacher lived two years in a tent: “My students never knew it”

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Thursday, November 4, 2021


While doing a PhD at the Royal Holloway University from London, an English teacher realized that with the money she earned, she would not be able to continue paying the rent for the apartment in which she lived and, at the same time, cover all the costs of her studies, so she made a drastic decision.

Aimee Leens He did not tell his students or the institution where he worked because he did not want them to give him special treatment. The idea of ​​this teacher was to show that, despite not having enough financial support to continue her studies, she was going to achieve it no matter what happened.

“I think the students had every expectation that I would receive a salary for my work. I think that is what students everywhere assume: that we are teachers with proper contracts. I told them that was not the case. Beyond that, I thought that telling them that I lived in a tent was a step too far, ”said the teacher.

Loved related his experience to the British media The Guardian: “It was cold. It was a small tent for one person, which made it warmer after a while, due to my own body heat. But there were days when I remember that I woke up and the tent was in a circle of snow ”, described the teacher.

“When I was not doing my doctorate or other work, I was learning to chop wood or light a fire,” he completed. Loved, who sought to show that he also learned new skills. While living in the tent, he kept his books in the graduate office so they wouldn’t get damaged and he used to use the university showers to bathe. She didn’t say anything to her parents, and lied to them by telling them that she was staying on an organic farm so as not to worry them. TN.com.ar.

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The teacher settled in the open near a park where they made many protests, so seeing a tent was not at all strange in that area. The young woman got one, installed it, and began living there.

Despite everything, in 2018 he obtained his doctorate. In parallel, she was a tutor for school students and worked in a botanical garden with the sole objective of making ends meet. Then he was able to get two years of permanent contract teaching creative writing at the Exeter University.

Although Leens he dreamed of achieving stability once he got his PhD, that hasn’t happened yet. Although he managed to finish his studies, he spent the last two years with fixed-term jobs and today he continues to seek opportunities while living with his parents.

“The most egregious thing is that I did this because I thought it would be temporary. That if he could bear the difficulty of this experience, he could eventually secure a secure position as a lecturer. But the precariousness continues and I am unemployed, “lamented the teacher.

“I do not know what is going to happen. I’ve had many interviews, including one in Cambridge recently, but started looking in April when I still had a job. I feel very nervous. To be honest, I still don’t know what will happen to my future. The irony is that I think I am very well adjusted to work. I know that I am a good teacher. It’s my calling, “concluded Leens.

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