A teenager is attacked by a crocodile over 3.5 meters in a crowded tourist destination in the Mexican Pacific

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An American teenager spending a vacation at a resort in the coastal city of Puerto Vallarta, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, was recently attacked by a crocodile over 3.5 meters long. informs the string ABC.

According to Kiana Hummel, the attack occurred around midnight, when she was about to swim with her traveling companion. However, before she could reach the sea, the huge reptile pounced on her, grabbing her right leg and dragging her into the water.

As the 18-year-old girl recalls, while she was being dragged, she beat the animal until it managed to free itself from its jaws; However, when she felt that it was all over, the predator grabbed her left ankle and pulled her back under the water.

Finally, the girl received help from other tourists who witnessed what happened and was able to be brought to safety on the shore, surviving the terrible attack without having lost any limbs. However, due to the nature and severity of the injuries, she was transferred to a local hospital for treatment.

“Honestly, I will never forget when the crocodile’s head came out of the water. I was in a state of ‘shock’. It was without a doubt one of the craziest and scariest things I have ever experienced,” said Sarah Laney, one of the witnesses to the event.

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According to the victim, the emergency bodies took about 45 minutes to arrive and once at the hospital, the hospital administration demanded that she pay thousands of dollars to be treated. In addition, despite the fact that there are signs on the various beaches of the city, including the hotel’s, the young woman reported that the tourist complex did not do enough to warn visitors of the possible risks.

Although his life is not at risk, the attack caused a tear in the muscles of his thigh, for which he will require a second surgery to correct the damaged tissues, which is why one of his friends has begun to raise funds through a GoFundMe campaign to help Hummel with the costs of the procedure.

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